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About our DJs...

After spending more than 8 years of DJing for another local company,  and being told by clients that we should start our own company, we decided to take the leap into our own company. In 2009, Select Entertainment of Iowa was created.

We value the service that we strive to provide our clients. We use professional equipment for all of our events. We will coordinate your reception with all your other vendors so that it is a fine tuned event and leaves the bride and groom time to enjoy their evening with their family and friends. Instead of calling themselves as "DJs" they likens themselves to an Entertainment Director as they handles everything from the start of your event to the very end making your night "problem free" and seamless

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Here is more about our staff:

Bret Agard - Bret has been DJing for more than 18 years. At his events, Bret likes to get involved with the crowd and assist in lifting the party to the next level. He will work with you to make sure that your event flows seamlessly and your guests enjoy themselves. His range of entertainment includes weddings, corporate parties, and community celebrations. He enjoys working with his clients, and giving them and their guests a memorable experience.


Andy Powell - Andy or "Cubbie" as he better known by way of his former role as Cubbie Bear for the Iowa Cubs. For more than 15 years of DJing, Cubbie averages 40 weddings a year. He truly enjoys what he does and working with Brides and Grooms. Andy brings new and fun ideas to your reception that are totally customized for the Bride and Groom. He specializes in customizing your reception so that your night goes off just the way you have always dreamt it would be. His motto is "You Dream IT....Cubbie can make it Happen". He attends Wedding and DJ conventions and conferences all around the World to learn new ideas. He has written a book which is a ProDJ Publishing Best Seller and is enjoying traveling around the World talking and sharing with other DJs. Andy considers it a HONOR when a couple chooses him to be a part of their special and works hard to keep them satisfied.


John Geiger -

Growing up in Minnesota, my father worked in radio and ran his own mobile DJ business on the side. Going to gigs with him when he couldn't find a babysitter, I would watch in awe how he could control a room and have people hanging on his every word.

About 4 years ago I started playing Bar Trivia in Altoona where Cubbie was the host. Then in 2015, he asked if I would fill in for another host and asked if I would be interested in DJ’ing for Select Entertainment.

I really enjoy working with the couples. Coming up with fun new ideas to make their night the best. I love when random guests come up to me during the night and tell me what a great job I'm doing.

One of my favorite memories of DJ’ing involves a wedding at a central Iowa golf course. During the dinner, they had a 20' practice green in front of the head table. Instead of clinking the glasses to get the couple to kiss, guests had to go to the head table and attempt the putt. If they made it, instant romance. If they missed, public ridicule. The groom's 96-year-old Grandfather comes up and sinks the putt on his first try! The whole crowd went crazy, and I knew I had them locked in to party the rest of the night.

My approach to my events is very simple. I try to be very detail oriented, while also remaining calm and collected. If my clients see me scrambling and flustered, it makes them flustered. Being somewhat newly married, I understand that after months/years of planning, once those rings are on their hands, my clients want to kick back and celebrate.

If the dance floor is dying, I like to hit em with " Hey Ya!" by Outkast, or with everyone's guilty pleasure song, "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls.

I moved to Des Moines in 2005. What I thought would be a six-month stay has turned into getting married, buying a house and having a beautiful baby girl.

Bailey Powell -
For the past 4 years Bailey has been our lead school and college event DJ. Her fun personality and energy helps bring any event to a new  level.